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Inspiring Teenage Life One Day at a Time

At Red Cherry Pie Designs we are hard-working, caring moms of the mostly human kind (but only after 8am, and please make that 9am on Weekends), who happen to have been blessed with raising three amazingly quirky, loving, smart girls.

We are extra busy moms who, despite it all, still want to spend time with and enjoy our children and help them go through one of the most challenging and scary experiences of life for both kids and their parents: puberty and the teen years.

Ok ok, no need to roll your eyes, we may have exaggerated a bit with the scary part but, judging by the stories they tell us from School, the challenges are definitely there, people.

Our daughters are jokesters (we wonder every day who they got that from). They are funny, and quirky, and smart, and a pleasure to be around. And we want to inspire them to become Strong, Powerful, Beautiful, Independent Women who will learn to get the strength and resources it takes to improve their lives and the lives of those around them when they grow up and leave our nest (sigh, best not think about that yet though if we don't want the waterworks to start -- repeatedly flaps her hands in front of her eyes).

And so, this project is our attempt to help our daughters, and many other moms' daughters, become just that: creative, strong, inspiring women.

We choose and design products with inspirational, entrepreneurial, self-reliance messages that will surround their day to day life and help them turn into wise, hard working, loving, resilient adults.

We from time to time will also partner up with a variety of charities to try and bring awareness to less fortunate girls around the world. We will post about these programs on our page. Follow us or Register to our Newsletter for regular up to date information.

May the Force (and the Pie) be with you.

We are currently  donating part of our proceeds to the Amazing Global Fund For Women.